The passenger aircraft doors opening mechanism is a concept of new generation. It is a 100% mechanical technology. With this choice, you ‘ll be able to avoid: gas cylinders, pyrotechnics, rubber seals and even all-hydraulic fluids.

With a strong airliner listening, it has been specially designed to remove all maintenance during the aircraft life, which is around 30 years.

Compact, lightweight and less bulky, it will provide a list of technical advantages unprecedented:

  • Included speed regulator whatever the position of aircraft crash
  • Insensitive to temperature
  • Resettable on-ground in few minutes
  • No ejection door while opening
  • Able to be locked at end stroke door
  • Ability to decline the technical solution on aircraft doors of different masses of to place functions whatever you want in the door.

Finally, note that C&T proposes purely mechanical solutions, which are already recognized in the aviation world for a long time.