AFAD relates to the field of motion control in the particular c shock controls during the implementation of mechanical device:

  •  Control the movement of the aircraft seat in case of crash
  • Industrial shock absorber
  • Damper for aircraft landing gear
  • Damper systems for lifts and elevators

These areas require the control of dynamic movement, while making very complicated or expensive the use of dampers using fluids.

Therefore, the present invention will find many applications for uses in ranges of unsuitable temperatures for fluid uses (hot or cold severe). Similarly, when storage times of such shock absorbers are not compatible with the behaviour in time of the seals, so the use of the device described in this document will be especially suitable (seismic dampers…)


In addition to the benefits mentioned, the innovation allows the enslavement of shock deceleration produced by its use. This control allows you to make the damper almost independent of the level of friction.