CONSEIL & TECHNIQUE is a French S.A.S, which has the objective to develop new products.

Created by two teachers in 1993, C&T wants to be the link between scientists and industrials, particularly in mechanical innovation fields.

SMALL structure, C&T takes advantages on a complete network which allows to deal the whole technical processes from the birth of products:

  • Research university network (UPS, CNRS, ENSAE, CERT, INSA …)
  • The « CEA »
  • Industrial design cabinet
  • Industrial properties cabinets
  • Specialized industrial and commercial rights
  • A complete high-qualified suppliers network

Here after, few projects already done :


  • MIR station & US Shuttle: on-board laboratories
  • Jean-Louis Etienne: Composite sleigh
  • TARA Boat of Jean-Louis Etienne (Ex TRANSANTARTICA)
  • New concept of shock absorbers – Defence industry
  • Test benches with very high speed (200m/s on a rail of 500m length)
  • Composite valve with very thin thickness
  • Ultra light composite rod
  • 3D composite parts
  • Satellite tracking antenna with an hexapod structure
  • Release mechanisms for satellite
  • Deployable structures for satellite’s ferrule
  • New generation damping systems for aerospace
  • Carbon brakes calliper for cycle